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September 2024


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Inspired is the Local Education Partnership for Sunderland.

Our vision is to ensure that all children and young people in Sunderland are supported to engage in arts and cultural activity that has meaning and values in their lives and wellbeing, now and in the future.

Creativity is now one of the most sought-after clusters of skills for all employers.

Durham Commission on Creativity and Education 2019

What can we do for you?

Publicise local and national cultural events and opportunities for children and young people

Write joint funding bids for projects you want to deliver

Broker relationships with our partners and others

Offer support and guidance

Run funded arts and culture projects in Sunderland

Signpost to arts and cultural venues in Sunderland and beyond

The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they’re valued.

Ken Robinson

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