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Our work aims to bring partners together to work collaboratively, to benefit children and young people. We want to share some of our projects with you here...

Creative Partnership Projects

Working with cultural organisations, education institutions and others to bring together new partnerships to deliver projects that target groups of children and young people we know are being underserved by the cultural education sector.

Action Research Projects

Projects that triangulate relationships between cultural organisations, artists and schools to learn from one another by doing. The Action Research Projects will address a common issue and enable the partnership to learn from the creative and collaborative process which will provide templates for future co-creation between partners.

Learning and Provocation Conversations

Regular gatherings targeted towards all stakeholders working with children and young people. These gatherings create a collaborative learning environment with the opportunity to be reflective, enquiring and to reimagine how creative education can impact children and young people’s lives and wellbeing.

A collection of our projects:

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