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Stop Motion Animation Video Workshop


All you'll need is the following:
  • Tablet
  • Stop Motion Studio animation app (free version available on App Store & Google Play - Click here)
  • Some way to keep the tablet still/propped up. I’ll be using a desk clamp, but you can work with anything you have available if it will keep your tablet still and fixed. I’ve used a music stand or science clamps in the past. Here are some examples of how other people have fixed cameras, phone and tablets in place: Animation Exploration
  • Materials:
    • Card/paper
    • Drawing pencils
    • Erasers
    • Pencil sharpeners
    • Colouring pencils
    • Scissors
    • Blu tac


We recorded this with our partner, Sunderland College.


Suitable for 8-12 year olds, animator and filmmaker Sheryl Jenkins, takes you through the basics of making your own stop motion animation. Find her work on Instagram and Facebook @animatorsheryl.


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